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Fresh (beard Oil)


Made with a fresh blend of natural oils and botanical extracts, Fresh beard oil absorbs quickly to tame and soften your beard!

Lightweight, mild, and non-greasy oil that takes care of both the beard and the skin underneath. Enriched with natural oils to eliminate beard ruff for leaving the beard refreshed and renewed. Use it in the morning to ensure your beard stays softer, tamed, and in the best shape no matter the length or hair grade .

Finished with a soothing hint of oatmeal cookie dough scent. The added dash of vitamin E will strengthen the beard, build volume, accelerate hair regrowth and minimize hair loss. Coat your face in it every day for a lustrous, softer and thicker beard you can flaunt with your head held high!

  • Nourishes facial hair
  • Keeps beard moisturized without a greasy feel
  • Eliminates itching, dryness and irritation
  • Made with a fresh blend of vanilla, sandalwood, mango butter, avocado oil. black seed oil, raw cocoa butter and many other keys ingredients
  • 1oz/29.58ml

Always patch test before usage